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I started this blog and a hobby, but now is so much more than that! Its where I express my creativity and my passion for beauty,fashion and everything in between. Inspired by an angel, who taught me never to give up my dreams no matter how many obstacles life throws my way. She taught me to be strong and brave. Life is like a long car ride with many bumps along the way. We need to persevere and keep driving our life to find what makes us happy and brings us success. To read more about Jalyn’s life click here.

Bravenezz is about being yourself without being afraid of judgment. Expressing yourself through makeup, fashion and art fearlessly. “Be you and do you!” Heard this somewhere and liked it. Always believe in yourself do not forget that everything is possible and always aim for the best. Dreams do happen if you work hard for them.

Here at Bravenezz you will find products that will intrigue you, get your attention and maybe even spike curiosity. You will probably find products that will tell you “I need this in my life” and you will find products that you will probably end up buying. Please note; just because a product worked out for me, it does not mean it will work for you. Do some research or get a sample of the product. Try out the product before you buy it. I will always give my 100% opinion no matter if I bought it with my own money, if it was sponsored by a brand, or has affiliate links. I would not recommend something I would not use on my myself.

Throughout the years Bravenezz has grown in ways I didn’t think possible. This has been an amazing journey for me!!

Bravenezz is a site that I will continue to work on and see where it goes and I hope you all continue to support it.

If you have any questions you are welcomed to email me at [email protected]


Thank you in advance for all your support and I hope you subscribe to my blog via email.

Leslie XOXO

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