Casely Update & Some News

Today, I wanted to share some news with you. I know you have read my previous blog post introducing Casely, so you know a little bit about the brand and how I came across them (Click Here to read my previous post). For those new to my blog, thank you for tuning in.

Casely is a phone case subscription service where you get one pretty phone case every month if you like. You do have three different subscription options. Option one is $15 a month, where you get one case every month. Option two is a 3-month prepaid plan for $42, where you get one case every month for three months only. Lastly, option three is a $15 seasonal plan where you get one case every three months.

The plans did change slightly since my last post but I still think these are great options as oppose to paying $30+ dollars for a really good phone case. Plus, you get to dress up your phone every month with a really cute phone case. I subscribed to Casely before it even launched in March. They have great customer service, they always reply in a prompt manner to questions or any queries customers may have. I am always harassing Emily (CEO) lol… She is awesome. She is very attentive and always makes sure my questions are answered. The packaging and the quality of the cases are amazing. I have dropped my phone a few times and my case and phone are still intact. I’m so clumsy, what can I say.

So far, I have received two cases and I love them both. Every month that passes I get anxious to see what case I’m going to get in my box. That’s the kind of enthusiasm I have for the brands that I love, so I have signed up to be a Casely affiliate. What does this mean? Well this means that any time you use my link to subscribe, I get a small percentage of that sale. Sales generated will help support the maintenance of this blog and will also be used for giveaways. Giving back to those who support my blog every day is important to me.

I have said it before and I will repeat it, I am very picky when it comes to being an affiliate for a brand. I always think of my readers and if it would benefit them. It also has to be a brand I really love, enjoy what they do and what they are about. Also please note I pay for my own subscription every month, it’s not free.

What I say about Casely is my 100% opinion. I would only get a small percentage of sales if you as my followers use my link to subscribe or make a purchase. I know how some people feel about affiliate programs. So it’s completely your choice , I would be grateful if you do use it plus I know you will really love the phone cases.  Also do check out Casely it’s an awesome new subscription company and I am sure you would love this brand as much as I do. If you have any questions you can ask me or you can just visit their website at

Thank you and have an awesome weekend!!

Leslie xoxo…
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