Caolion Hot & Cool Pore Foam Cleansing Duo Review

I have a few new obsessions lately, one of them is Coalion’s Hot & Cold Pore Foam Cleansing Duo. I am so glad I got to try this cleansing duo. I actually won this in a giveaway they had on Instagram and when it finally arrived I was so intrigued to try it just by looking at the packaging, funny right.

What is this? “This is a pore foam cleanser duo that provides a steaming effect to deep cleanse pores and a cooling effect to tighten enlarged pores.” What these two products are supposed to do? First part of it “The Pore Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser deep cleanses by harnessing the power of steam, while natural brown sugar gently exfoliates, providing a smoother and more refined texture. As the cleanser heats up on contact, it removes impurities and dissolves dead skin cells softly without irritation—resulting in smoother and firmer-looking skin.” The second part of it “The Pore Tightening Cooling Foam Cleanser gently cleanses and refreshes with a cooling sensation to soothe, awaken skin, and tighten pores. As the skin cools down, the addition of kaolin clay and peppermint oil help calm, depuff skin, and tighten enlarged pores to enhance skin firmness and contouring.” I like that these two products are connected two in one and are parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free.

I have been using this product for a few weeks now as my cleanser and I have to say I am fully impressed. As many of you know I have oily combination skin and some dry patches mainly in the winter. I do get some acne especially during that time of the month (girls know what I mean). I also do have some medium sized pores around my t-zone area which can be noticeable sometimes. So obviously you can already imagine that I will try anything that promises to minimize the appearance of pores.

So here is how I use it: In the morning I use the Pore Tightening Cooling Foam Cleanser. I apply a thin layer on my face and leave it in for a few seconds until I feel the cooling sensation on my face. Then I massage it gently and rinse with warm water. I pat dry with a clean face towel and proceed with my morning skin care routine. Oh, did I mentioned this totally wakes me up in the morning lol… At night time, after removing makeup with makeup remover wipes, I use the Pore Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser. I use this the same way as the other one. The only difference with this one is that you’re not feeling a cooling sensation you are feeling a warm sensation on your skin. If I feel I need the extra cleansing I’ll do them both one after the other.

What I have noticed so far while using this product is how quickly my acne starts to become less visible, blackheads on my nose gone, pores are a bit less visible, my face is not as oily as before and that’s a huge plus for me. I am really loving this product so much because of the difference I have seen on my skin in just a few weeks. The packaging is perfect for traveling. Scent wise the steam foam cleanser has an earthy smell which is a little hard to describe and the cooling foam cleaner smells like minty chocolate to me. The scents don’t really bother be at all but if you’re big on smells I suggest you smell it at the store before you purchase. I will continue to use it and would definitely repurchase this product. You can now find this product at Sephora or Caolion’s website.

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