The Bouqs Company Flowers (“The Great Pumpkin”)

What girl doesn’t like flowers; well maybe they are a few out there who don’t. I for instance love flowers, if it was up to me my house would be full off flowers. But it does cost to have a house full of flowers so I would be fine with a nice arrangement or bouquet. Last week, I received some flowers from The Bouqs Company for free to review them. Honestly I had never heard of them before but when I looked up their website, I melted. They have so many beautiful flowers and so many options I honestly didn’t know which to pick. I ended up choosing “The Great Pumpkin”.

Here is an introduction about Bouqs; They offer a brand new way to order beautiful flowers online. The cool part of their process is that these flowers actually come from South America and are fresh directly from the farm. The flowers look better and fresh, which I think helps make them last longer. They offer a variety of bouquets which varies in pricing between $40, $50, & $60 including shipping! It’s obvious that the more you pay the more flowers you get and with free shipping always, that’s awesome!! The ordering part was so easy, no hidden fees or paying for shipping. Everything is included in one single price.

As I mentioned above, I picked “The Great Pumpkin” I mean look at these beauties. Well honestly they didn’t arrive this pretty. As I also mentioned above, they are freshly picked from the farm so these were all closed up very neatly packed. So I actually had to give them a day or two to bloom. The picture above was taken on the evening of Thursday September 25th. I received these on Wednesday morning September 24th. Below you will see a picture of how it looks now. Do you see the difference? I absolutely love them and they arrived just in time for my birthday.

If like me you haven’t heard of Bouqs, I welcome you to check out their website and learn a bit about them. Look at their amazing selection of beautiful looking flowers and maybe treat yourself with some flowers if you wish. You can even order for a loved one. Overall, I had a good experience and will be ordering some new flowers soon!!

Leslie xoxo

* Disclosure: The Bouqs Company sent me a bouquet of my choosing in exchange for my honest review and invited me to become an affiliate. This post contains my honest opinion about Bouqs services and flowers. Affiliate links are used above.*

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