September 11 Unforgetta​ble

That morning I was in school in English class at NYIT, discussing a poem when an announcement was given to evacuate the school. As we started getting up from our seats wondering what was going on, my teacher got a call and when I saw his eyes full of tears, I knew something was truly wrong. As I exit the class room people were already talking, that there was an accident, that a plane had hit the first tower at the world trade center. I went into the students activity center where they had TV’s and saw how the plane hit the first tower and everyone was talking so loudly people were trying to contact their loved ones. On TV you could see how people were jumping out of windows; it was so sad and devastating. It was so loud I got lost in my thoughts and all of a sudden everyone went silent when we saw the second plane hit the second tower, some people started crying and I started feeling anxious, sad and scared, somehow I began to think this was no accident, when the first tower collapsed I was shocked I couldn’t, cry, or say anything It looked like a movie I couldn’t believe it, so I started walking home with my friend Ana.

There were no trains and buses were so full we had no choice but to walk from 59th street to 136 street. It was a long, long walk we weren’t sure what was happening, phone lines were so busy and I just wanted to see my family make sure they were ok. During that walk I just thought of those people how scared they were. Ana and I talked our whole way home that made it a bit faster, I was out of breath and really tired, but then who wouldn’t after walking 77 blocks.

When I finally get to my grandmother’s house my aunt Monica opens the door crying saying “they killed my baby” I am still not inside the apartment when I’m just shocked, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t cry all that came to my mind where my cousins words when I last saw her, she said “if anything ever happens to the World Trade Center remember I am in there.” Shills ran down my whole body and tears finally started running down my face a second in my life I will never forget.

Fanny Espinoza mother of two, Stephanie and Christian, a great wife to Luis, great sister to Wanda & Leo, Loved her mother and father so dearly, was now victim of a cruel act. As I got inside the apartment everyone was there scared, worried, sad, & so many emotions where to begin. There was some sort of hope that maybe just maybe she came out alive. She was one of the many who were missing. My aunt was so desperate with no news, no sign and there was frustration as well as pain. Everyone was so sad, everyone wanted answers. I remember going to a center of information & relief in 59th street with my aunt Monica, Fanny’s husband Luis and my cousin Wanda.  The center was created for all victims’ families.  There was hope, we were there trying to get information any news anything that would help us.

I remember just sitting there as the people in the center try to comfort my aunt who’s worried her daughter may never come home. As I sat there I just thought of Fanny all the times I went to her house as a child in the Bronx, she had this huge TV and we would all watch movies like if we were at the movies with popcorn and everything. I remember how kind she always was and always trying to help others and always telling us the importance of school and making something of our lives. I remember how excited she was when she finished her B.S. degree, she always told us it was important to get your  education and a degree, she was more excited when she got a job at Cantor Fitzgerald at the world trade center, I was so happy for her, you could see how proud she was of her accomplishments.

I thought to myself did she come out, I wanted to be positive but she was in the 104th floor and everything happened so fast, I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to say, Fanny was gone a soul who was now in heaven. She will be missed and remembered each day of our lives for as long as we live her smile, her love for others especially her family and friends will always be in our hearts.

To the families of all the victims, they will always remain in my prayers for as long as I live and they will always be remembered by all those lives they touched.

Love Leslie ♥

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