Monday, August 4, 2014

July 2014 Favorites

Another month has gone by, Welcome August!!

July 2014 was a good month, lots of fun and family time and some goodies as well. I loved taking some time off work to spend it with family and just relaxing. Celebrating grandma’s birthday was also memorable and I feel lucky to have her in my life for more on my July outings and events (click here).

During the month of July, I didn't really try that many new products just a few. I am still trying out and testing some other products so that I can give you guys a more in-depth review of them later on in the month of August. So my faves for July aren't that many, here they are:

1. 100% Pure Lip Glaze- I have reviewed this lip product before (click here) but in another shade, this one is in the color Vixen.
Vixen Swatch
2. Pixi Lip Balm- I have also reviewed this lip balm which I have had in my favorites for a while and it’s just a great tinted lip balm for summer I just been using it like crazy lol.. (review).

3. Sephora Blush Palette – This palette is so convenient to carry around it gives you two blushes and a bronzer and are perfect shades for spring and summer. I have been using this so much that past few weeks love it! (review).

4. Revlon's Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner- for the days where I didn’t want to wear too much on my face I would just put on some tinted BB cream, this liquid eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss or balm and ready to go (review).

5. NYX Concealer, ok I know this has been on my favorites for a long while now but it’s that I really have been loving how well it covers my under eye circles what can say (review).

I have a tons of products to try out for the month of August thanks to Chic Studios Event, so stay tuned for some reviews and changes to the blog that are coming up as I celebrate my 2 year blog anniversary. Also, don't miss the chance to win a awesome prizes (click here) for more information.


Leslie xoxo


  1. I've been seeing the Revlon eyeliner at my CVS, I think I'll have to pick one up and try them out. The colors you got are so pretty! I def also need to pick up the NYX concealer! Those lip gloss swatches are so pretty! I can't wait to try that blush palette out!!!!

    1. You would like the eyeliners from Revlon and you would most definitely like the NYX concealer I have been using it non stop since I got it. I cant wait to until you use your blush palette ;-)