Monday, March 10, 2014

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze

Welcome, today I will be reviewing a lip product from 100% Pure brand. I bought this last month and have been using it here and there ever since. I will discuss packaging, texture, & smell.

Like I mentioned before, I bought this product back in February in the color Daiquiri and I have been using it a lot lately. I only got one even though they have about 10 different shades but I wanted to try it on my lips and make sure I really liked it before I went ahead and bought other colors, price was $18. I was able to swatch it at the store but is not the same thing to swatch in your hand and applying it on your lips. I have to say after wearing it for quite some time now I actually love it. Mines is a bright pink color very moisturizing and dries up to a satin finish, it also gives my lips a long lasting stain that doesn’t over dry my lips which I love. You might need to reapply if you’re eating or drinking a lot during the day, but otherwise it should last you for a long while.

The packaging was a big contribution to my purchase it’s so cute it comes in a cardboard tube beautifully designed and inside that tube is a slim silver tube with white floral art on it, very pretty. I absolutely love that its 100% natural with pure ingredients, its perfect for those who are anti-chemicals and love natural products. There is also no smell to it, well I don’t smell anything which would also be perfect for those who don’t like scented products or strong smells.

Overall, I really love it; the price is certainly fair due to the fact the there is a lot of product in this beautifully designed tube and you can’t beat the fact that its healthy and natural for your lips. I will be purchasing some more in the near future.

I am dying to try 100% Pure eye cream has anyone tried it?

Have you tried these 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glazes? If so what were your thoughts?

Thanks for passing by!!

Leslie xoxo