Monday, October 17, 2016

Vacation: Luxury Bahia Principe Samana, Dominican Republic

Were you wondering what happened to me for the month of September and the first two weeks of October, well I was on blogging vacation mode. Lots of things happened, the first week and a half of September I was just prepping and getting ready for my trip to Dominican Republic on September 15th. When I got back September 26th my brain was still on vacation mode lol… you know how it is when you go away you don’t really want to come back. Oh and it was my Birthday on September 30th too so I was in celebration mode most first week of October. Then the last two weeks I have been sick but dont worry I am feeling better.

Today mainly will be about my trip which took place from September 15th the day of my husband birthday until September 25th longest vacation I have taken in years. Honestly I have been working really hard lately and no fun so I really needed a getaway we both did, we all need one sometimes. I had about nine years without going to Dominican Republic, for those who don’t know my parents are both from Dominican Republic and although I was born in the United States I still consider myself Dominican. I am very proud of both of my nationalities Hispanic-American.

Like I mentioned on the 15th it was my husband birthday so our flight was supper early 5:30 am, so we were at the airport at 3:00 am no sleep, I was literally a walking zombie thank goodness for the magic of makeup for helping me hide how tired I was. We arrived at Santiago Dominican Republic at a little over 9:30 am the flight was pretty serene and good, no major turbulence occurred (Oh by the way we were flying with JetBlue Airlines). My mother in law picked us up at the airport and we then dropped off our luggage at her apartment in San Francisco de Macoris. After that we went to my husband’s grandmother’s house where all the family was waiting for the celebration to begin (Husband Birthday). We were all just sitting chatting and catching up on life and they all asked the kids question, “So when are you two having a child?”. I never know what to say to that, I guess when it happens it happens or who know maybe next year. We cut him a cake and just had a nice family time.
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Above Image taken from Hotel's website 

The highlight of the vacation was going to the resort (heaven). Oh my, seriously If you ever go to Dominican Republic visit this resort, Luxury Bahia Principe Samana. The hotel is beautiful from corner to corner and it was an all-inclusive resort. This place is a great place for a couple’s getaway 18+. Great beach, pool, food, drinks, and the best part is their service. Seriously I have never been to a resort were the employees were so attentive and made sure you were taken care off at all times. The food was amazing they had a buffet, eat all you can style. They also had a few restaurants in which you had to make reservations for, we went to two Restaurants Don Pablo and Rodizio. Drinks were also good; I am not a huge alcoholic drinker but I had a few they were included so why not lol…

They also have great entertainment, they had a concert the first night we were there with different kinds of Spanish music and music in Italian, Portuguese and even English to accommodate every nationality present I thought that was amazing. I also loved the Michael Jackson show seriously the guy impersonating him looked just like him and danced really good. Karaoke night was a blur lol... don’t judge me I was just having fun and relaxing.

They also have different excursions we actually did one, we went to their sister hotel Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado which is in a private Island about 20-25 minutes away from where we were. We had to take a boat to the beautiful island since there are no roads to get there. The beach there was amazing and super relaxing. They had a variety of food shops where you can eat anything you liked and they also had some shops where you could buy souvenirs if you liked. We left the Island at about 4:00 pm because we had reservations for one of the restaurant at our hotel so had to get back to change and get ready. Overall I had an amazing experience and would totally recommend this resort.

The last few days of my vacation were relaxing and not much happening we did go to the beach at Calenton in Rio San Juan. Had an amazing time there too and they have great food another place I highly recommend. So I had a great time and really enjoyed my time off, but I am also happy to be back and excited to work on some great blog projects I have in mind so stay tuned. For those of you interested in learning more about the resort visit their web site at

Thank You!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

BEDǀSTU’s FW16 Collection

August is almost over!! Time is seriously flying by, I am already thinking of fall styles and outfits. As much as I like summer, fall is one of my favorite seasons. I have already started looking at some style trends for this fall especially shoes. I mean let’s face it you can rock any outfit with the perfect cute booties or knee high boots and some cute accessories to top it all off, don’t you agree?

A few weeks ago dOMAIN Integrated invited me to an event at BEDǀSTU’s to get a preview of their FW16/Holiday/SS17 collection. That’s when it really hit me that fall was just around the corner and I honestly have to say that I fell in love with some of their shoes and accessories. They are just stunning pieces. As a blogger, you get to discover brands you don’t regularly see or know about otherwise. I am happy to have attended this event and got to know a little bit about BEDǀSTU’s and how it began.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with BEDǀSTU’s, here is a little bit of information on them: “Inspired by the resilient streets of Brooklyn, New York, BED|STÜ opened for business in a small Los Angeles warehouse in 1995. We believe in taking our time to create products that are as individual as those who wear them. We buck the trend of mass production to ensure our products are made the right way, honoring the cobbler and the craft. We will not compromise quality. Our unapologetic line of footwear and accessories we make is like each member of the BED|STÜ Family: Genuine, Unique, Imperfect”

Picture taken by Leslie Hernandez
“At BED|STU we honor the craft. Our products are made using traditional techniques: Goodyear welted, handwoven, hand sewn, washed, and tumbled. We use natural leathers, free range when possible, a vegetable based tanning process, and we hand finish our products. Just like no two fingerprints are the same, each BED|STU product is distinct. The handcrafted nature of our leather shoes and accessories make each piece unique. We are working towards becoming 100% organic in our process.” For more information visit their website at

Pretty impressive and I can personally tell you that the quality looks amazing and they are right when they say each product is unique in their own way. I don’t personally own any of their pieces but that can change soon. I really liked two pieces that I’ll save up to purchase. Below are some images of their fall 2016 collection:

For Women (Images below are from BED|STU website):


For Men:




What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

Leslie xoxo

*Disclaimer some of the pictures above where taken by me and some pictures are from BED|STU's website.