Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Illustration Breast Cancer Awareness

I am sure you all know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so I wanted to illustrate something that would reflect that. I have known people that passed away because of breast Cancer and I also know women that have survived it. This disease, just like any other type of cancer is a hard thing to deal with but with love, strength, courage, and hope I think we can beat it. We need to believe that there is a cure out there and we should all stick together to spread awareness and early detection but checking your breast at least once a month can make a huge difference. Spread the word and let’s show some support to our women warriors who are battling this disease.

Leslie xoxo

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BeautyPress September 2014 NYC Spotlight Day Event

At the beginning of September, I was sent an invitation to attend BeautyPress Spotlight Day Event at a Midtown Loft. As I have mentioned before, I sometimes get Invitations to attended events. Sometimes I am able to attend because the date and time are good for me, but sometimes I have to decline due to work or other personal matters. This time I decided to go, first of all because I was super curious about the event itself being it was the first BeautyPress event I attended. Also, I was curious about the brands that would be there. As a beauty, fashion and life style blogger, it is my job to stay tuned in of what is new and I felt that was a good opportunity for me to learn about brands I haven’t heard of. To learn more about brands I didn't know about so that I can share with you.

Photo by Bravenezz

As I mentioned above, the event took place at a Midtown Loft which was beautifully decorated with sparkly lights. All brands that were there, had their own exhibitor tables, where they laid out their new upcoming collections and best sellers in which they introduced to all the editors present. I have to say I learned about brands I haven’t heard of before and it was honestly really interesting. The only brands I knew about were Kiss because I use their nail products and Derma e because I have used their products as well. This event was beneficial to both the brand and the editor (me) because we got to network and learn from each other. I like this about BeautyPress events, that they give us the chance to learn about small and big brands out there in the beauty industry.

Here is a list of brands that were at the event and a little summary of what I learned from each one.

AcnEase, is an all-natural acne treatment the breaks the cycle of all types of acne from inside out, at least that’s what Agnes P. Olszewski said. She’s the Chairman and CEO of Herborium Group Inc. She gave me and Tasha an introduction to this medication and told us how this all-botanical treatment works to eliminate acne’s source. She also introduced us to Danny Gimondo who battled acne for over 20 years and because of AcnEase he is now acne free (pictured below on left). Seriously, this man looked like he never had acne in his life. I haven’t tried it but and I can’t guarantee it will work for you but I think is worth checking it out if you have severe acne. I’m not talking about that one pimple you get during that time of the month (if you’re a girl) I am talking about acne all over your body and parts of your face that don’t go away after a few days or just keep coming out. Here is their link if you want to learn more about AcnEase.
Photo by BeautyPress
Bodyography Professional Cosmetics, I had never heard of this brand before but I fell in love with the products I saw. I had a little chat with Allie Maltese the East Coast Director and she told me a little about the brand which by the way has been around since the early 90’s. All their products seem to have a simple packaging but Allie did mention they are full of skincare benefits such as fruits and plants vitamins and antioxidants that are very beneficial to your skin. I personally fell in love with their Electric Lip Slides but then you guys know that anything lip related will automatically get my attention lol… You guys are welcome to browse through their site Bodyography.

Photo by BeautyPress
Photo by Bravenezz
Photo by Bravenezz
CLEANSE by Lauren Napier, before the event I actually had a chance to read her biography and how she decided to create this product pretty interesting (click here to read more). Cleanse by Lauren are luxury wipes and makeup removers that are packed individually and come in a box of 12. Lauren said they are really effective and remove long wearing make up. She actually did a test in my hand, she wiped on waterproof mascara and let it dry then gave me a wipe so I could remove the mascara and with one swipe it came right off, pretty impressed.

Photo by Bravenezz
KISS Products, well if you haven’t heard of Kiss products I don’t know where you have been hiding. They are known best for their nail products such as impress press-on nails, nail art kits, nail strips, etc.… We got a glimpse of their Halloween and Holiday collection, hitting the stores soon and also received a gift bag full of KISS goodies.

Photo by Bravenezz
Lavera, this is another brand I had not heard of before which is just to prove there is so much out there than meets the eye. This brand has been around for over 25 years. It has been committed to creating innovative all-natural cosmetics, beginning with their Sunless Tanner to award-winning natural makeup. Lavera products were designed to suit even the most sensitive skin. These products only contain natural and effective plant-based ingredients and pure minerals, are certified organic and 100% free from harmful chemicals. You are welcome to visit their website for more information

SPAdet creator, “Annabelle Santos, used her background in biochemistry and holistic health to discover ways to resolve her daughter’s chronic eczema. Her research eliminated the toxic chemicals present in most brands and led to the creation of her first natural skin products for personal use”.
Photo by Bravenezz
Photo by Bravenezz         
Sweet Anthem Perfumes “is an independent American perfumery where Meredith Smith creates captivating, storytelling fragrances. New this season to Anthropologie.com, the brand is one of the fastest-growing independent perfumeries on the West Coast and has gained a cult following due to Smith's highly intuitive composition style”.
Photo by Bravenezz
True Natural “is Lavera’s North American sister brand and offers all natural skin care products specifically designed for demanding North American shoppers. Innovative and made with purest ingredients, performing the way natural consumers expect”. www.truenatural.com

Editor Review Bag Sponsors:

derma e, I love this brand and have used some of their moisturizers and serums. They didn't have a booth at the event but they did provide a full size of their new Firming DMAE Moisturizer that was added to the Editor Review Bag. This brand is family owned and they have been around for 30 years. All their products are full of vitamin-rich, high quality antioxidants and that are also free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum. If you haven’t heard of Derma-e and want to learn more check out their website dermae.com.

Happy Hands”: “The Original UV Nail Glove. These UV nail gloves have a protective 40+ UPF coating that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays while getting pretty shellac/gel mani’s around town. This yellow pair, shields UV rays that cause skin damage & premature aging. They are tested in the US, passing all tests with flying colors!” We also received this in our bag.

Xtreme Lashes & Jo Mousselli: “Founded by Jo Mousselli, a registered nurse. Jo MousselliTM is a brand new skincare and color cosmetics line. Since 2005, Jo set and defined the industry standards in safety, hygiene, creative design, and educational curriculum with the Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli brand of semi-permanent eyelash extensions line of products”.

As mentioned above, this event was hosted by BeautyPress and they have different events that are held all year round in NYC, LA and internationally too; in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you would like to learn more about BeautyPress go to www.beautypress.com

Thank You,

Leslie xoxo

**I want to make clear that I am not getting paid to talk about this event or any brands mentioned. What I am writing here is my own thoughts and opinion about what I saw and learned at the event. I did use some information from BeautyPress which was mainly to describe the brand and I did use “-“on words that were not my own. Also, I did receive some products for review which I will note off when I post a review on any particular product.**

Monday, October 6, 2014

September 2014 Favorites

September wasn't all about what products I loved and there were a few that I will mention down below. But September was a fun and meaningful month for me. I am so grateful for many things in life although my life is far from perfect. I am thankful for my family and friends (that includes all my blogging buddies, love you guys). As I reached another year of life on September 30th, I have been wondering if I have done everything I want in life. So far at 31, I don’t feel I have. Although to me, age is just a number because I feel so young at heart. Life is what you make of it, your dreams will happen by working hard and I am trying. This month was a month of celebrating a new beginning, a new opportunity to bring to life what I have dreamed off and yes it won’t happen overnight, I get that but I have to try.

I am so appreciative of all you guys who read my blog and follow it and all the friends I have made through this journey. I am also thankful for my sisters Mariella and Cathy, gosh I really don’t know where I would be without these two amazing women. They play such a huge role in my life, God knows. My cousins Amy, Astry & Carolina are also very important ladies in my life which is why I picked them for my Benefit/Birchbox BeautyBash on September 27th, 2014(click here to read more).

Another Important part of this month, was the birthday of my other half. I don’t know what the future holds for us two but for now I am happy to have him in my life. No relationship is perfect, I have to admit we do argue at times, we do get mad at each other at times but then again what couple doesn’t. He supports me in everything I want to do and I support him in whatever life choices he makes. We drive each other nuts at times but in the end, love always wins.

Another fun fact for this month was the event I attended hosted by BeautyPress on September 24th. It was my first BeautyPress event and I have to say I learned so much about brands I haven’t heard of before. Also about their new collections and their best sellers (full blog post on the event will be up this week). Here are some of the goodies I received in this event:

Before I get into my favorite products this month, I want to thank my hubby for an amazing Birthday. Although we did have an awkward moment at the restaurant (some stranger paid for our food lol…), we still had a great time at Broadway Thai @ Tom & Toon. The food there was awesome and I do recommend it. After dinner, we went to see Wicked. I loved this show so much, it’s a must see. The place was full, good thing we had really good seats. But I give it an 11 stars out 10, it’s awesome.

Ok know that I have pointed out my favorite moments in September, here are my favorite products:

1. Pixi New Shea Butter Lip Balm (review) I actually ended up buying another one in the color honey nectar.

2. Benefit Pushup Liner (full review coming soon)

3 Benefit They Real Remover (full review coming soon)

4. Glam Glow (Review will be posted tomorrow)

5. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50(Review)

6. Color Club by Design & Essie Lady Like

I also have to mention my beautiful flowers sent to me by The Bouqs Company, aren't they gorgeous!!

Thank You again all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday (kisses to all)!!!

Leslie xoxo