Thursday, February 16, 2017

Style Your Phone Monthly With Casely

For those of you who know me, you already know I am very girly. I love pink and cute things, from cute packaged makeup to cute stationery. Seriously, I decorate my own planner with super girly stickers. One thing that is lacking some bling is my IPhone. My case is super boring, it’s just a plain clear black rubber case. I know you’re probably thinking who cares lol… But if your into fashion, beauty or are just girly and like cute things, you would want your phone to look cute as well. Our phones are huge accessories, especially for us influencers because our phones are always in our hands. We are always on social media, emailing, taking selfies or doing a mini video on snap chat or Instagram. So you see our phones need to look cute too. I feel your phone is a huge part of your style and reflect your personality in some way.

Photo Credit: Casely
I have seen some YouTube gurus with some really nice phone cases and even on Instagram there are a few phone accessory brands I follow. One particular phone accessory brand that I started following a while ago caught my attention. You have all heard of subscription boxes for makeup, food, accessories, hey even for pets, but I haven’t heard one for phone cases. So this brand grabbed my attention and interest especially because the cases are so pretty and cute.

I am talking about Casely, a new phone accessory subscription company. They just went live February 15th and are taking orders for March. This subscription box was started by two siblings Emily and Mark Stallings. When asked why they wanted to start a phone case subscription box they replied saying:

“My sister and I have always talked about starting a brand together since I've been a "serial entrepreneur" since I was about 14 or so and she has a background in advertising and marketing. We noticed a huge uptake in subscription boxes (we live with 9 people and probably receive a new subscription delivery every day). We love everything about the idea of "gifting yourself" once a month. And we thought through 50 or so ideas but phone cases kept coming up--it's something that you always carry with you and being in New York, you see thousands of case designs every day. It seemed crazy to us that people would wear the same case every day for months at a time. Through this subscription model we hope to change that mindset and make phone cases more of an extension of your personal style.”

Photo Credit: Casely
My thoughts exactly, I get so bored of having the same case all the time. All the really cute and good quality cases are so expensive. So this subscription box is just perfect because you get one case every month for a really great price. These cases are great quality and have different designs. There are three options for you to choose from: 1. $13 a month for an annual plan, 2. $14 a month for a three-month plan and 3. $15 per month. I personally think this is an awesome deal as oppose to paying $35-$50 for a phone case. Plus, you have the option to cancel at any time if you wish. Shipping is open worldwide, but there is a $10 shipping cost for international subscriptions and U.S. shipping is free.

Photo Credit: Casely
Maybe some of you wouldn’t want to have that many cases but that’s why you have three options, plus why wouldn’t you want a variety of cases. I would love a collection of cases to mix and match or just make it match my outfit or accessories. Also, if you switch phones you just have to let Casely know and they will just send you cases for your new phone, awesome right. I thought of this too, what on earth will I do with so many cases if I switch my phone and these cases don’t fit anymore? Well my answer to that is you can always give them away. I am sure family members or friends would like them. I have an IPhone and I know tons of people with IPhones. So giving them away it’s a good option if it doesn’t fit your new phone. Plus, I don’t really change my phone that often. As you may notice they only have cases for the IPhone’s but they will have cases for the Galaxy phone in the near future, so keep an eye open for those. I have already subscribed and I am so excited to start getting some new cases for my IPhone. For more information on Casely visit them on www.getcasely.con or follow them on IG at @get.casely.

Photo Credit: Casely
Casely was kind enough to offer my readers a discount using BRAVENEZZ50, so the first 50 people that use it will receive a 50% off your first month subscription. That’s awesome!!!

Do you switch up your phone cases or you use the same one all the time? Let me know down below.

Leslie xoxo

*Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to talk about this brand and I am not getting any commission if you use my code above. This is just for my readers to benefit of a great deal. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images were taken from Casely Instagram account. I will do another post to review service and cases, their quality durability, etc.*

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Morphe Blush Palette 9B

Hi beauties, today I wanted to chat a little bit about a blush palette I have been using for a while now. Blushes always give your cheeks a pretty pop of color. I love individual blushes too, especially when they have cute packaging. For those of you who are new to the blog, I am a huge sucker for packaging lol…If it looks cute I want it, well most of the time that is. I also take into consideration if the product itself is good and would it benefit me and my skin. This palette is very handy too! Especially if you’re traveling, I think that was the main reason I bought it. For those of you who follow me on social media you may have spotted this palette already (If you don’t follow I would love it if you did, link is to the right ->).

I am talking about the Morphe Blush Palette 9B. I bought this palette last year at my local beauty supply for $22 but you can also find it on the Morphe website for $19.99. The packaging is nothing too fancy, but it holds up pretty good. I love that it has a big mirror you can use to apply your makeup and it’s perfect for traveling (took this palette with me to my trip to Dominican Republic). As much as I love my individual blushes, traveling with a million blushes is not Ideal for me. So this palette was perfect because they are all in one place.

This palette comes with nine beautiful blushes, with a variety of shades ranging from nudes, pinks, reds, plum and even orange. The blush palette also has different finishes too. Some blushes have shimmer and some are matte. The shimmer ones are not too glittery which I love (not a fan of glittery makeup). The Matte ones are perfect and my go to favorite shades in the palette. The blushes are all very pigmented, smooth and very buttery. They are not chalky at all. They don’t have any fall out which is really good. All the shades are very easy to apply and they blend very well on the cheeks.

Top to bottom from left to right.
I really loved this palette in 2016 and still love it now. It’s my go to palette when I am on the go and don’t want to dig in my makeup organizer for a blush. I just grab this palette. I did wish the blushes had names or a number. It’s easier to refer to a shade if it did, but its ok. The quality of these blushes are amazing and it’s at a great price.

Have you tried any Morphe products lately? Which ones are your favorite?

Leslie xoxo