Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Body Shop’s Shade Adjusting Drops

Foundations have always been a tricky thing for me because of my complexion. When I buy foundation almost half the time I have to go back to the store to return it or exchange it because it didn’t match my skin and there was no other color that would go with my skin tone. That’s why most of the time I stick with one foundation L’OrĂ©al True Match which is a pretty well-known foundation within the beauty community for having a large variety of shades. As the beauty industry grows and as more women started demanding more variety of colors, brands have started to listen. Let’s be honest there are so many different skin tones out there we should be able to find at least one foundation that truly matches our skin and If that doesn’t work let’s make it work read below to see how.

A few months ago, The Body Shop sent me their two fairly new Shade Adjusting Drops for review. According to The Body Shop’s website, these products are %100 Vegan and can transform an "almost right" shade into your perfect one with just one drop of the Shade Adjusting Drops. “Lightening drop lightens and neutralizes yellowness, while the darkening drop darkens while keeping natural depth”. It took me a while to review these because my foundation fit me perfectly until I starting getting tanned due to my daily 8 mile walks. So being on a budget buying another foundation wasn’t an option. I decided to give these a try to see if they were really worth it. I was so skeptical about using these on my foundation but they really do work to lighten your foundation if it’s too dark or darken it, if it’s too light. You can even use the dark drops to contour, I did lol… I also used the lighting drops as an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow. So basically these can be used for more than just adjusting your foundation to match your skin tone.

How I use it: normally I use the back of my hand and put some foundation. Then to darken the foundation to match my semi tanned skin, I add the dark shade adjusting drops. I started with one drop to see if that would work and if it was still too light for my tanned skin I would add another one until it matches my skin. Once I get it to match, I applied it all over my face and there you have it. No need to buy a new foundation for now. Same thing applies if you have a foundation that’s too dark for your skin. I actually had one that I was going to return but I tried the light shade adjusting drops on it and there is no need to exchange it now.

These shade adjusting drops aren’t too thick or runny. It has a nice consistency and it’s easy to blend. It comes in a glass bottle with an easy to use dropper. It does have a rose scent to it so if your big on smell, I always suggest you smell it at the store to see if you would be ok with the smell before you decide to purchase it. They both cost $20 each, which I honestly think is a great deal considering the amount of money we spend on foundations all the time. I feel like these would save us some money and they actually do what they are supposed to do which is a huge plus. Would I recommend them? Yes, as I said they do what they are meant to do and they do a really good job at adjusting any foundation or BB cream.

Foundations: Left to Right L'Oreal True Match in W7,
Milani 2-in- 1 Foundation + Concealer in Tan and Make Up For Ever
Ultra HD Foundation in Y385. Top Row are the foundations without the drops,
second row I added two drops of the Light Shade Adjusting Drops and
the last row I added two drops of the Dark Shade Adjusting Drops
Have you tried any shade adjusting products?

Leslie xoxo

*Disclaimer* Product provided for review purposes from The Body Shop. I am not getting paid to write this post and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brighten Up Your Day With Some VivaRoses Volcanic Flowers

As most women, I love flowers and cute plants. They are just a piece of nature that somehow makes me smile and brightens my day just by looking at them or having them around in my home or at work. There are so many different kinds of flowers with so many different colors, it’s hard for me to have a favorite. Besides adding a nice vibe and color to your home, they also help you work better, relax more and just helps you feel happier. So a few weeks ago, VivaRoses reached out to me offering me four dozen roses for review. What girls wouldn’t say yes to flowers. Before I go into my review here is the story behind the brand and how VivaRoses was born. I’ll give you a short version of this love story but you’re welcome to read the whole story at

A third generation farmer’s son named James was in love with a beautiful girl named Marissa. He wanted to give her beautiful roses and win her heart (because what girl doesn’t melt when they receive flowers, I do lol…). James got a little frustrated by the current way of purchasing roses. Like some items online, the images shown online were not what showed up at the house, plus the roses didn’t last, and the order process was long and complicated. James knew there was a better way to provide Marissa with the roses she deserved. So James went on a journey directly to Ecuador determined to find the best roses. James located a family farm that was growing the most beautiful volcanic roses on the side of the Cotopaxi volcano for generations. The farmer and James quickly bonded and formed a strong friendship. The farmer then shared with James the secret of growing his stunning roses. James was able to provide the women he loved; Marissa with the freshest and most gorgeous roses on earth. Two years later these two love birds got married. Obviously, James knew that he couldn’t keep this treasured of the most beautiful volcanic roses a secret. So in order for everyone to benefit from these beautiful flowers, VIVAROSES was created!! Their goal is to provide the freshest and most beautiful roses from their family farm to your loved one’s heart. How romantic right!!!

Now on to my review, I received a code so that I could redeem my free four dozen roses (please note I am not getting paid to write this review, this is my own honest opinion of my experience with VivaRoses). I went to their website and looked at all the beautiful options I had to pick from. Prices vary for 24 roses you pay $50, 50 roses you pay $60, 100 roses you pay $100. So after scrolling and scrolling I picked the Farmers Choice option because it comes with a variety of different colored roses (red, pink, yellow and white). The ordering process was super easy and I love that you get to pick the date you want it delivered to your home or to the person you’re sending them too. I picked June 17th because I knew my husband would be home that day to receive them for me. They came on Friday June 17 at the exact time they said they would which was impressive.

I was at work when the flowers arrived, but I was dying to get home to see them lol… When I finally got home I saw the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband had fixed them up in one of my big vases with water. As I got ready to thank him for fixing them up for me, he goes oh that’s not it there is more in the fridge. When I open the fridge and saw all these flowers, I went bananas because I have never had so many flowers all together. Normally I get a half dozen or a dozen. I spent the next three hours fixing them up and making them all fit in the only vase that was big enough for all of them to fit in perfectly. I have to say they are all beautiful flowers and they made me smile although I did poke myself a few times with the spikes on some of them lol… but they were worth it. The picture on the left show how they looked seven days after receiving them. Don’t they look gorgeous?

I admit you can probably get flowers anywhere if you want them quick. But when I buy them in the streets they don’t really last me that long mainly because I live in an apartment and it gets pretty hot. But these have lasted pretty long considering the warm weather. They are perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, mother’s day, graduation etc… Also I was offered a 15% OFF discount for all my readers using code VIVA15 you would be able to get a discounted price for some beautiful roses that will brighten your day. I am not getting any commission out of this discount code. This is just for you to be able to get some beautiful roses at a discounted price.

What are your favorite flowers or plants?

Leslie xoxo

*Disclaimer* Flowers provided for review purposes from VivaRoses. I am not getting paid to write this post and all opinions expressed here are my own.