Friday, October 2, 2015

This October 2015 Join The Fight Against Breast Cancer

As many of you may know October is breast cancer awareness month, where all women across the globe get together for one cause to create awareness, prevention and raise funds for different charities so that a cure can be found. This is a sensitive topic for me, people close to me have gone through the tough ordeal of having breast cancer. I admire and appreciate when brands like Glamulet's use their resources and audience to raise awareness.

Every year I try to create awareness about this disease somehow, but more during Pink October. Breast Cancer has changed the life of so many women of all ages and their families. It has also taken the life of many being the second deadliest form of cancer. We need to stick together and create awareness, prevention and try to raise funds so that a cure can be someday found. I have read stories of survivor and their experience is heart wrecking but at the same time I admire their strength, their hope, and their bravery that they can win that battle. Hearing stories is heart wrecking as I mentioned, but it hurts you more when it hits you close to home.

My childhood friend lost her mother to breast cancer and it hurt me too because she used to pick me up from school when my mom couldn’t and she always kept an eye on us during lunch break. It's the little things and good memories you always keep in your heart. She fought and was brave and strong to the very end; may she rest in peace. I also had to see my friend Miriam go through this disease and my aunt Deny. It’s not easy believe me to see them go through so much pain, chemotherapy, to losing their hair, losing a breast is really tough, but what really touches my heart is how these women take this experience and get stronger. They take on a fight they never imagined they would take and do it with so much courage, hope and bravery that they will win. My aunt Deny and Miriam are two of the lucky women that have survived breast cancer and each day that passes they are grateful for the second shot at life they received. I still have them in my life and I am also grateful for that.

There are so many brands out there which during October, focus on creating breast cancer awareness. I truly admire that. Some people see this as brands trying to sell a product, but I don’t see it that way because they don’t have to do it. They chose to create awareness and donate half or a percentage to the cause and hopefully someday not too far a cure can be found. This year I am joining Glamulet's Pink October 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. I am doing it for all the women out there, for those who don’t have the disease so that they can take preventive measures and check their breasts every month. I am doing it for my aunt Deny and my friend Miriam and all our brave survivors and lastly for all those brave souls who fought breast cancer to the very end.

Glamulet's is offering a whole collection of pretty pink cancer awareness charms, of every charm you purchase 50% of the sales will be donated to a charity fund for breast cancer, visit their website for more information. Every effort is done to create awareness which is important to me because of my aunt and Miriam who I saw take on this battle they did not ask for. They fought with hope, strength and braveness they defeated this disease. I want this effort or any other effort to help so that women have a better chance at beating this disease, for present and future generations so that a cure can be found. It shouldn’t only be in October it should be all year round because every day someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Ladies please, checking your breasts at home every month it’s a great way to catch this disease early. You know your body better than anyone else. if you find something that you don’t think is not normal please get it checked. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Join me in creating awareness. Together we can help women all over the globe take preventive measures. Help support those facing this disease. Show our survivors we are proud and lastly show compassion and comfort to those families who lost a loved one to breast cancer.

How do you create Breast Cancer awareness?

Thank you

Leslie xoxo

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

imPRESS Manicure Nails Review

Always on the go and no time to wait for your nails to dry or not enough money to get your nails done at a salon? Well here is a solution to that, you might want to consider. I am sure most of you have heard of ImPRESS Manicure. They have a whole line of press on nails from soft hues, glitter and trendy accent nails in a variety of colors and designs all with a mega gel shine, also now available in matte finish.

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I received two sets, a matte nude shade and a mega gel shine pretty red to try out and review. I am not getting paid for this review and everything said here is my honest opinion of the imPRESS manicure nails. I was very skeptical about press on nails that’s why I had never used them before because I honestly thought they would come right off the minute I did anything that required using my hands such as washing dishes, cleaning the house and lifting things. Well I will admit I was wrong and these do stick on your nails pretty sturdy.

Putting them on is pretty simple and quick just make sure they fit in your nail perfectly then you peel off the plastic and press on your nail and there you have it, pretty simple no waiting for them to dry and no mess. Like I said this is perfect if you’re on the go in a hurry or just being lazy (like me sometimes lol...) and don’t want to paint your nails or go to a salon. I personally like painting my nails but I admit sometimes I am really busy and want something quick specially if I am going to an event or get together and want my nails to look presentable. These won’t damage your nails which is also a plus.

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The first day I put them on I did have to replace one press on nails because I had removed it to fix it and after that it wouldn’t stick properly. So it was loose, so I just replaced it with another press on nail and that fixed the issue. After that they didn’t come off for about four days. I took them off myself on the fourth day of wearing them. They were pretty sturdy for those days, I washed dishes and cleaned the house and they never came off which to me was a really good thing. Like every product there's always a con. When I have my hair loose I tend to run my fingers through my hair and when I did that with the press on nails on the hair would get caught in between the nails. It was driving me nuts lol… If my hair was up I think this wouldn’t have been an issue, but it’s just a minor thing. The main reason I took them off its because I am always changing my nail colors unless I am really busy then I would leave it until I have the chance to paint my nails again. But I love changing nail colors regularly it’s just fun.

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The red ones I have had on for three days now they are looking pretty sturdy too and I am trying not to run my fingers through my hair lol… Taking them off its pretty easy just pull them off and that’s it. Like I mentioned before it doesn’t ruin your nails or damages them in any way. So after using these my opinion about press on nails changed, they proved me wrong and that they can last pretty long should you decide to leave them on for a while. They are pretty sturdy, well I didn’t do construction work lol… I just did house chores and wash dishes and they never came off. Just don’t remove them and try to put them back on, in wont stick properly if you’re going to remove one just put on a brand new nail. Also, try not to run your fingers through your hair too much. Other than that these are awesome and the colors and design they come in are gorgeous. Will I purchase these imPRESS nails, yes I would. They only cost $7.99 at any drugstore or you can buy them online.
Check out their web site at

Have you tried imPRESS nails? What was your experience like?

Leslie xoxo

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 2015 Ipsy Bag

Hello babes, it’s been a while I know. I have missed you guys so much but I have been pretty busy with work and gym. Trying to get fit and healthy it’s like a full time job too. I have tried to stay active on social media specially Instagram (Follow me at @Bravenezz). I am working on creating a blogging schedule that I can stick with and works well around my job schedule and personal life schedule. So be a bit patient please. Today, I wanted to talk about my September Ipsy bag and the products I got in it.

I joined the Ipsy subscription about three months ago and I did it mainly for the bags because they are so adorable and you can use them for just about anything to store makeup, receipts, use it as a clutch (I definitely would) or any other storage use you may think off. I also like the products too. They are perfect size for on the go or traveling and it’s always awesome when I get full size. For $10 a month this is a great deal I believe.

Ok so on to what I got this month; the bag itself it’s so pretty. It's a gold colored bag which I will be using as a clutch to go out with, it’s not too big or to small it’s a perfect size. As to the products I received they are all awesome, here is the list:

1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I am sure many of you have heard of this brand if you haven’t, do check it out its really good. This moisturizer it’s not new to me I have used it before and I love that it can be used from head-to-toe as Ipsy described it. I mainly like using it for my hands and feet because they tend to get ashy sometimes or dry and this cream really helps. You can also use this all over your body even your face, a perfect all in one moisturizer. I am glad I got this one I can use it as a travel size one.

2. NYX Cosmetics Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio: This is a really pretty eye shadow trio that NYX designed for all Ipsy subscribers which it’s pretty cool. I have use NYX eye shadows before and they are really great. They have good color payoff and are very smooth on application. This trio is great for traveling or if you’re on the go and need a pop of color.

3. Octavio Molina Hair Aceite de Argan: I have use Argan oils from other brands but not from this one so I am curious to try this out. Let me know if you guys want a review of it down below.

4. City Color Cosmetics City Chick Lipstick In the shade ---- , ok you guys know I am obsessed with lipsticks I don’t have a huge collection but I have quite a few and when I get a new one I get excited. I will try this one out for you and let you know what I think of it stay tuned.

5. Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel: Wow I have tried so many eye brow products it’s not even funny but I haven’t disliked anything I have tried so far so I’ll give this one a try too and see how I like it.

So this is all I got in my September Ipsy bag. What did you get this month and did you like it?


Leslie xoxo

Friday, September 4, 2015

How Awesome is Rocksbox? A Subscription Box Review

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Hello my loves it’s been a while, I know. Life sometimes gets busy and we have to do what we have to do. Today, I wanted to talk about the cutest little box that came with three beautiful hand selected jewelry just for me. As a social media geek, I come across many products and subscription boxes. Some really catch my attention and I have to try them, so I can share it with you guys and let you know if it’s worth your money. This post is a little overdue, so I don’t really consider this an unboxing because I have been using my three pieces of jewelry for the past month already.

Early August, I received my first Rocksbox, and if you’re wondering what Rocksbox is, it’s a monthly subscription box dedicated to jewelry. The difference here is that for $19 a month you receive three beautiful hand selected designer jewelry on loan (rental) that you can use as long as you want. Then when you’re done using them you can return them and get a brand new set of three new beautifully selected jewelry pieces. Rocksbox provides you with the envelope and shipping label so it makes it a lot easier for you to send back.

To get started, I had to take a profile survey like most subscription boxes, so that they can analyze my style and what I like. I also had to select jewelry pieces I liked and add them to a wish list. Based on your answers on the survey and what you added on your wish list, the personal stylist assigned to you will then be selecting the jewelry you get in your Rocksbox. They will always pick pieces that they know you will love and enjoy. Ok now what if you get a piece of jewelry you love and want to keep it? Well you are able to purchase any jewelry piece at an insiders price (this is a discounted price of the jewelry you select to buy). In addition to getting the insiders price you also get $10 each month to use towards any purchase you make that month.

So my thoughts are that this is a really interesting subscription; that’s what caught my attention. I normally buy jewelry every month mainly because I tend to wear them a lot and the colors sometimes fade off or I stop wearing it because I got something new that I liked better. This subscription totally works out because you get to wear these pieces of jewelry until you decide you want to try something new and then send it back and you get a brand new set. I also like that you have the option to buy a piece of jewelry if you wish too for a discounted price and on top of that you get $10 every month towards any purchase. My only concern here was hygiene, other people use these pieces of jewelry besides yourself since it is rented. So I had to ask and yes each piece of jewelry is sanitized completely before it’s sent to the next person, knowing that was a huge relief, wouldn’t you say.

So now that your knowledge of Rocksbox has grown and you’re now an expert. Why not give it a try and get your first box of beautifully selected jewelry for free, all you have to do is create an account at and enter code bravenezzxoxo at checkout. Below are some pictures of what I got in my first Rocksbox. As I mentioned I have been using them here and there and on special occasions. I soon will be returning this box to get a brand new set of beautifully selected jewelry. If you guys do sign up please tag me on any social media pictures you post.

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Items: Perry Street Lily Earrings, Nakamol Aqua Wrap Bracelet & Ashiana London
Teardrop Pendant Necklace in Black

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Displaying IMG_1335.JPG

Thank You!!

Leslie xoxo

*Disclaimer: This box was sent for review purposes I am not getting paid for this review and I have given my honest opinion about this subscription service.*